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Scientific meetings


06 – 07 Jul 2017

Applied Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Workshop

University of Hertfordshire

This workshop covers applied aspects of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

08 – 12 Jul 2017

World Congress on Inflammation

Hilton London Metropole, London, UK

Organized by the International Association of Inflammation Societies

17 – 21 Jul 2017

Practical Application of Toxicology in Drug Development

Cambridge, UK

Co-organised by the British Toxicology Society and the American College of Toxicology

31 Aug – 02 Sep 2017

8th European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research


This three-day Focused Meeting will look at the field of cannabinoid research.

03 – 06 Sep 2017

12th International Symposium on Resistance Arteries

Manchester, UK

The latest developments in research into the function of the resistance vasculature and closely related topics.

11 – 12 Sep 2017

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PKPD) 2017 workshop

The Society's workshops are usually suitable for Masters level and above, and can be taken as part of the Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology. Basic pharmacological knowledge is expected.

11 – 13 Sep 2017

The British and Irish Hypertension Society Annual Scientific Meeting

The Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Open to all healthcare professionals with an interest in cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

14 – 15 Sep 2017

Mitochondria: Form and function

London, UK

This meeting is jointly organised by the British Pharmacological Society, the Biochemical Society and the Physiological Society.

18 Sep 2017

Integrative & In Vivo Pharmacology 2017 Workshop

This workshop is aimed at project licence holders or experienced Personal Licencee (PIL) under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986. The workshop will provide delegates with better knowledge and understanding of good practice in laboratory animal sciences, animal welfare and the 3Rs.

24 – 27 Sep 2017

Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Germany

The Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) Annual Meeting will be held 24–27 September  2017 in Berlin, Germany.