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Assistance setting up a student society

Young pharmacologist societies will be spaces for the discussion of current pharmacology topics by all who are interested. This will be primarily for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying pharmacology as part of their degrees, but of course is open to any student or staff member with an interest in pharmacology (outreach is one of our objectives). It would be great to liaise with staff and students to forge strong pharmacology networks in your individual institution.

Why set up a pharmacology society?

Setting up a pharmacology society  with other students will have many benefits, mostly from getting together with other likeminded people at your institution. You can:

  • Share ideas during networking events – opportunities for collaboration galore!
  • Gain experience presenting in poster sessions and informal talks in a comfortable environment
  • Host exciting talks from current top pharmacologists
  • Arrange outreach activities to tell the public how amazing pharmacology is! A great way to improve your CV and get the pharmacology good news in the public domain
  • Raise awareness of the Society and the benefits of being a member

What your pharmacology society could offer

  • Social events and activities
  • Educational lecture
    • External talks from interesting speakers such as eminent academic pharmacologists, industry representatives, careers talks – the list goes on!
    • Internal talks for postgraduate students to gain experience in presenting
  • British Pharmacological Society links
  • Access sponsorship for lectures and events
  • Support & advice
    • You could coordinate advice workshops – but make sure to liaise with your department to make sure you’re offering the correct advice!
    • Provide better integration between different year groups to aid advice exchange
  • Outreach
    • Improve public speaking skills whilst conveying research to the public through channels such as STEMNET or FameLab
    • Help with current outreach activities e.g. careers talks in schools, science fairs

How to set up your pharmacology society

The exact ins and outs will be down to your specific institution – you’ll probably want to contact your student union. As a guide, you’ll probably need:

  • A student-led Committee to organize your activities.
  • A Constitution, which will outline what you’ll be doing and how the society will be run.
  • A Code of Conduct, outlining the responsibilities of the society and its members.
  • A Risk Assessment, covering the main activity your society will be doing (unless it is a basic meeting).

If you have any questions or comments or would like more information about what we offer our setting up a society, please do not hesitate to contact us.