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About the Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group

The Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group serves members with interests in all areas relevant to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in health and disease including both experimental and clinical aspects from the molecular level, through to cellular, systems and whole-body approaches.

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Contact the Co-Chairs

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Chris Garland

Jillian Baker

Jillian-Baker.pngJill is a practicing medic working in the area of adult respiratory and sleep medicine in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham and sees first-hand many of the short-comings of current drugs. Her research interests are therefore two-fold. Firstly, she is interested in the molecular pharmacology of GPCRs, including drug-receptor selectivity, and understanding how drugs interact with receptors to cause changes in the cell behaviour. Secondly, she combines her clinical and pharmacology knowledge to understand how clinical drugs act, why side effects occur, and to identify novel drugs for medical conditions with few treatment options. Her ultimate aim is to improve clinical drug treatments for patients.