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Membership options

The British Pharmacological Society offers a range of membership options tailored for each stage of your career - find out more from the links below or start your application now.

  • Undergraduate Membership welcomes undergraduate students working on a pharmacological topic, and medical students.
  • Postgraduate Membership welcomes postgraduate students working on a pharmacological topic, and foundation doctors.
  • Early Career Membership welcomes early career pharmacologists who do not yet meet the criteria to become Full Members. This includes Post-docs, Clinical Research Fellows and Specialist Trainees years' 1 & 2.
  • Affiliate Membership welcomes individuals whose work or studies bring them into contact with or give them an interest in pharmacology,  and to those with pharmacology qualifications who no longer work in the field. This may include research assistants/fellows from allied disciplines; nurses; science teachers ; science administrators; science writers.
  •  Full Membership welcomes individuals who are actively involved across the spectrum of pharmacology and related disciplines, including but not limited to biochemistry, neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, genetics, immunology and cancer biology.


Fellows of the British Pharmacological Society are members who have demonstrated distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology. Our Fellows have made substantial contributions to the discipline of pharmacology and the Society.