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Prizes, awards and grants

Our prizes, awards and grants recognise the contributions of our members to pharmacology in all its forms and throughout their careers.



This biennial lectureship gives pharmacologists the opportunity to give a lecture. Winners will present a lecture at one of our events and pharmacology departments across the UK.

Australasian Visitor

This lectureship gives pharmacologists the opportunity to give a lecture at the Australasian Society for Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology annual meeting, as well as other lectures and seminars during the course of the visit.

Bill Bowman Prize Lectureship

This biennial prize supports professional development of early career, non-clinical members. Winners will receive £500 plus expenses to give a lecture at a Society meeting.

Dunlop Prize Lectureship

This prize supports the professional development of early career clinical members. Winners will receive a prize of £500 plus expenses give a lecture at a Society meeting.

Gaddum International Lecture

The Gaddum International Lecture was established in 2016 and is a transformation of the Gaddum Memorial Award. The lectureship recognises international contributions to pharmacology from members or non-members who are not UK resident. The lecture will alternate between basic and clinical pharmacologists. It will be awarded biennially by the Society and is not open to nomination.Past winners

Gary Price Memorial Lecture

This lecture was established to commemorate the life and contribution to pharmacology of Dr Gary Price, who died in 2002. GlaxoSmithKline generously donated funds to support the lecture, which was delivered between 2003 and 2019 on the subject of neuropharmacology in its broadest sense.  

WDM Paton Memorial Lecture

The WDM Paton lecturer is selected biennially and is open to nomination/self-nomination. The lecture, on a subject relating to the history of pharmacology, is given at a Society focused meeting.