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Specialty registrar training

Specialty Registrar (StR) training at Pharmacology

The British Pharmacological Society provides dedicated annual training and assessment sessions for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT) StRs during the annual Pharmacology meeting. The sessions aim to cover the major sections of the specialty training curriculum. As a learning aid our speaker presentations are made available online after the training session.

The CPT StR curriculum

 The CPT specialty training curriculum is defined by the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB). The major sections of the curriculum are:

  • Undertaking and interpreting clinical investigations including clinical trials.
  • Optimising the therapeutic use of drugs.
  • Detection and analysis of adverse drug effects.
  • Contributing to the evaluation of medicines.
  • And, poisoning management.

 The full curriculum is available via the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board website.

CPT StR speaker presentations at Pharmacology
Year Speaker Summary
2016 Professor Thomas Jaki Experimental and clinical study design
2016 Professor Angela Thomas Regulation of Biologics and Biosimilars
2016 Dr Laura Yates Medicines use in pregnancy
2015 Dr Joseph Standing PKPD Modelling and the Population Approach
2015 Dr James Dear Novel Psychoactive Substances
2015 Professor Mark Caulfield Genomics for Clinical Pharmacology
2014 Professor Martin Landray Randomised trials to assess the safety and efficacy of medicines
2014 Dr Duncan Richards An introduction to drug development
2014 Professor Sir Alasdair Breckenridge Why regulatory science matters
2013 Dr Yoon Loke If nothing happens, is everything alright? A guide to making sense of conflicting data
2013 Dr James Dear Toxicology cases
2013 Professor Dyfrig Hughes Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics: principles and practice

In addition, the Society records a number of lectures that are complement the training offered during the annual Pharmacology meeting. These videos include prize lectures on areas of CPT and StR session lectures.


What else is available?

 The Specialty Registrar Advisory Group organises training days around the country, which are advertised on our events page. Slides from these sessions are available below.

Dr Adrian Brady Structured approach to diagnosis, investigation and treatment of hypertension including device therapy
Anna Dominiczak Structured approach to diagnosis, investigation and treatment of hypertension including device therapy
Marie Freel How do I investigate suspected  secondary hypertension?
Alan Jardine Hypertension and Kidney Disease: a Nephrologist’s Perspective
Tom MacDonald Update from Recent Trials
Sandosh Padmanabhan Hypertension genomics metabolomics and big data
Daniel Smith Hypertension, depression and bipolar disorder - what's the link?