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The British Pharmacological Society champions safe and effective prescribing, and is proud of the role that clinical pharmacology has to play in improving patient care and safety. As part of its charitable mission, the Society is:

  • Developing Prescribe, an e-learning platform for medical students.

  • Working together with the Medical Schools Council to develop the Prescribing Safety Assessment. The assessment allows all UK medical students to demonstrate their competencies in relation to the safe and effective use of medicines.  In 2016, the collaboration was recognised as a Finalist at the BMJ Awards for Education Team of the Year.

  • Working with e-Learning for Healthcare to provide an online training tool for all NHS doctors to practice their prescribing skills. This online training tool will be called the Prescribing Simulator.


An e-learning platform to support clinical pharmacology.

Prescribing Safety Assessment

A competency-based assessment to support safe and effective prescribing by UK medical graduates. Delivered in partnership with MSC Assessment.

Prescribing simulator

An online training tool for NHS doctors to practice their prescribing skills.  The Society is working in partnership with eLearning for Healthcare to develop this tool.

Supporting clinical pharmacologists

The public benefit of the British Pharmacological Society's prescribing activities.

The value of prescribing

A recent report by the British Pharmacological Society highlighted the value of improved prescribing.

How to teach prescribing/pharmacology

This ‘virtual’ themed issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology provides a useful reference for anyone involved in prescribing education

Get involved

Members interested in prescribing are encouraged to sign up to the Education & Skills Affinity Group.