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What is the diploma?

The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology aims to extend the pharmacological knowledge base of researchers who are either entering the field of pharmacology, or who wish to develop their expertise in this area. The programme is developed and delivered by experts from academia, industry and healthcare, and it's intended to provide an advanced pharmacological education alongside normal employee duties over the course of two-five years.

Participation in the Diploma course will offer students a broad and deep education in core pharmacology, networking and career opportunities, teaching and support from leaders in the field, and development of transferrable communication skills. Find out more about the benefits of the Diploma.

The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology is awarded to participants who successfully complete nine units of study. These units are:

  • Attendance at six British Pharmacological Society workshops  and completion of the associated assessments.
  • A 6,000–7,000 word dissertation.
  • A poster communication at a British Pharmacological Society  meeting.
  • And, an oral communication at a British Pharmacological Society  meeting.

Students must complete at least one unit per year, and should complete the course within five years.

On completion of the programme, students will graduate at the Society’s annual dinner and prize giving in December. Graduates receive a certificate and t-shirt, and are entitled to use the post nominal ‘BPS Dip. Pharmacol.’


The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology is open to all scientists working in pharmacology or a related discipline and who have suitable data to present at a British Pharmacological Society meeting. We believe that junior (postdoc or equivalent) scientists in academia, industry, healthcare and beyond who have come to the subject from disciplines other than pharmacology will gain the most from participating in the Diploma programme.
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