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What are the benefits?


No educational programme can claim to cover every single topic or technique, but what we can do is inculcate in our students a way of thinking, of being responsive to new ideas and not afraid to ask questions.

Dr Ian McFadzean, Vice President – Academic Development, British Pharmacological Society

The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology aims to offer a broad training in core pharmacological principles alongside full time work or study. It offers consolidation and advancement of skills and knowledge for those who have trained in the discipline, but is also an opportunity for those who have moved into pharmacology from other, related fields to gain core knowledge and skills. The Diploma allows these scientists who have moved into the field to learn about the key principles and techniques, and in doing so helps to integrate them into the pharmacology community.

Participation in the Diploma course offers a number of benefits:

  • Broad and deep education in core pharmacology.
  • Networking & career development opportunities.
  • Teaching & support from leaders in the field of pharmacology.
  • Transferrable skills
  • And, part-time, flexible study.

Broad & deep education in core pharmacology

The Diploma programme allows students to study a broad range of core pharmacological principles, such as receptor theory, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, statistics, integrative pharmacology and drug discovery. Additionally, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in specific areas, through specialist workshops, a dissertation and scientific communications. Students are encouraged to explore areas beyond their work or study where possible.

Networking & career development opportunities

Through attendance at Diploma workshops and presenting at Society meetings, Diploma students have opportunities to meet and network with a range of Society members and scientists from industry, academia and healthcare settings, including opinion leaders in the field.

Teaching & support from leaders in the field of pharmacology

Pharmacology is a fast-moving subject and the techniques used are changing all the time. The Diploma programme is developed and delivered by  pharmacologists who are leaders in their field. Students have the opportunity to interact with these pharmacologists both in a formal teaching setting and at informal workshop dinners and poster sessions, creating a powerful learning environment.

Transferrable skills

The ability to confidently and effectively communicate research to the pharmacological community is a key skill which is developed through participation in the Diploma programme. Through oral communications and poster presentations at Society meetings, students gain confidence in sharing ideas with and responding to questions from the community, and the dissertation component of the programme helps to develop written scientific communication skills.

Part-time, flexible study

Intended to be completed within 2–5 years, the Diploma is designed to sit alongside full time work or study commitments and offer a flexible route to completion of the course. Students can choose workshops relevant to their work or study and, with the support of a supervisor, shape a dissertation title to suit their interests.