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Meet the graduates

Since the Diploma was introduced in 2006, 23 students have completed the course, graduating at the Society’s annual Pharmacology conference.

Testimonials from graduates

David Winpenny, Diploma Graduate 2010
Principal Scientist in the Primary Pharmacology Group of Pfizer Neusentis

"My first workshop, the General and Advanced Pharmacology (GART) workshop, was really enjoyable, and that acted as an incentive to continue with the Diploma. I personally feel that I understand so much more about how to analyse and appreciate the data I generate after having completed the Diploma. It's made a real difference to the work I do for my company and also how I'm perceived; my opinions are taken seriously, in part because of the Diploma."

Darren Riddy, Diploma Graduate 2011
Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia

"I was interested in furthering my career, and I've always been interested in learning. It’s a great opportunity to look at a wide range of disciplines rather than staying within your comfort zone. It's a great way of networking and meeting new people, and meeting new people on the course enabled me to further my career and find out about new job opportunities."

Dr Laurice Fretwell, Diploma Graduate 2012
Senior Lecturer in Physiology & Pharmacology at De Montfort University, Leicester

"I hope the Diploma will set me slightly apart from other candidates applying for fellowships or jobs. It shows that you’ve taken the time out while you’ve still got a full-time job to go the extra mile and develop yourself and your skills. As well as the more specific pharmacological knowledge the diploma helped me develop my presenting skills, gave me an opportunity to network and just helped me remember how to learn!  It’s the extra dedication to the area as well; showing a willingness to learn and challenge yourself.  I hope that in the view of employers it’s the cherry on top of the cake.”

Nikki Carter, Diploma Graduate 2013
Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca, & Diploma graduate representative of the Society’s Diploma Sub-committee

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the very best in the field, to attend meetings and mingle with my peers from all aspects of pharmacology, and most importantly to broaden my skills and knowledge. These are exciting times in the field of pharmacology as once distinct divisions between academia, clinical pharmacology and industry are blurring with collaboration and innovation. Both the Society and the Diploma embrace this change and provide a forum for pharmacology across all disciplines”

Dr John Mitchell, Diploma Graduate 2014
Veterinary Assessor at the Veterinary Medicines Directorate


Dr Jonathan Ellery, Diploma Graduate 2014
Principal Scientist in in vitro pharmacology at Takeda Cambridge


Diploma of Advanced Pharmacology Graduates

The full list of Diploma graduates from 2008 - 2014 is below:

2008 graduate

  • Jill Darton

2009 graduates

  • Jenni Cryan 
  • Sara Pritchard 
  • Shilina Roman

2010 graduates

  • Sue Summerhill 
  • David Winpenny 
  • Felicity Gavins

2011 graduates

  • Juan Antonio Gilabert
  • Oladipupo Adeyemi
  • Darren Riddy

2012 graduates

  • Laurice Fretwell
  • Utsav Bali
  • Inmaculada Bellido Estevez
  • Ivan Rodriguez-Martin
  • Cheryl Parry
  • Linda Kitching

2013 graduates

  • Lee Collier
  • Nikki Carter
  • Leonarda Di Candia
  • Poonam Shah

2014 graduates

  • John Mitchell
  • Kate Simpson
  • Jonathan Ellery

2015 graduates

  • Ralph Knöll
  • Wilfred Poppinga
  • Joelle Goulding
  • Rachel Forfar