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How to apply

The British Pharmacological Society welcomes applications to the Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology throughout the year. Applicants must:

  • Have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • Be working as a scientist or in a related occupation at the time of applying and have data. which can be presented at a British Pharmacological Society meeting.
  • And, have written permission to join the programme from their supervisor or line manager.

If your application is successful, the cost of registering for the Diploma is £200. You will become a Diploma Student member of the Society, which is free for the first year.
You can apply for the Diploma online. Please note you will need to upload a recent brief CV, and a letter of support from your line manager or supervisor as detailed above.

Your application will be considered by our Diploma Sub-committee and you will be notified of the outcome, usually within two weeks. Please note that registration fees for workshops cannot be refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

For further information, please contact us at