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Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology

A Masters level programme provided by the British Pharmacological Society, open to both members and non-members.

What is the Diploma?

The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology aims to extend the pharmacological knowledge base of researchers who are either entering the field of pharmacology, or who wish to develop their expertise in this area.

Current students

Answers to many questions you might have about your current Diploma course.

Meet the graduates

Since the Diploma was introduced in 2006, 23 students have completed the course, graduating at the Society’s annual Pharmacology conference.

What are the benefits?

The Diploma offers a range of benefits including broad & deep education in core pharmacology as well as networking & career development opportunities.

Supporting the delivery of the Diploma

We rely on our members to assist with all aspects of the Diploma programme; from designing and delivering Diploma workshops to managing and develop the Diploma as part of the Diploma Sub-committee.

Diploma workshops

Workshops are designed to be interactive and may involve talks, small group ‘tutorial’ sessions, discussions and computer-assisted learning.