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Discounted membership fees for low income countries

Applicants residing in any of the countries that fall within the World Bank’s low, lower middle and upper middle gross national income per capita groups are eligible for a discount to their Full Membership fee.

Current discounts available:

  • Low per capita income countries - 75% discount
  • Lower-middle per capita income countries - 50% discount
  • And, upper-middle per capita income countries - 25% discount

Discounts are applied to the standard member tariff. The Society reserves the right to change or discontinue these discounts at any time.

To qualify for a discount on your Membership fee you must also be a member of your national pharmacological society.

Discounts are only available for Full Members, as this is considered to be the “career” grade. No discounts are available on subscriptions for Affiliate, Fellows or Early Career Members.

To apply please contact our Membership Manager, Paul Tizard, +44 (0) 20 7239 0171.