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Pharmacology at university

There are lots of things to consider when selecting which universities to apply for, such as:

  • course breakdown - courses with the same name can vary
  • university fees
  • location - find a location that suits you
  • accommodation
  • attend open days, this will allow you to get a feel for the university
  • entry requirements - each university will have their own
  • work experience opportunities
  • opinions of current students
  • university rankings

Applying to university

All students applying for university will need to apply through UCAS. After shortlisting your preferred courses you will need to create a UCAS profile. This will include your:

  • personal information, such as support needs and school details
  • contact details
  • qualifications you have or are working towards
  • work history, if applicable
  • personal statement

Find out more about the UCAS application process.

Admission tutors will review applications with a focus on the personal statement. In your personal statement you should try to cover:

  • why you want to study pharmacology
  • why you are suitable for the course
  • what your future careers plans are

It's likely that you will attend an interview where you will be expected to talk about all this so don't exaggerate in your personal statement.

Find out more about writing a personal statement for UCAS.