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Professor Iain Greenwood

Professor Iain Greenwood


Professor Iain Greenwood FBPhS


St George's, University of London

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Research interest: Understanding the cellular and molecular regulation of vascular and visceral smooth muscle activity by ion channels and membrane receptors. September 1986-1990. First Class degree from Hatfield Polytechnic in Applied Biology (Physiology & Pharmacology).September 1990. PhD at Manchester UniversityJanuary 1994 Joined St Georges, University of London from a PhD at Manchester University.1998. Won a 4 year Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship – went to Montreal for 4 months to develop collaboration.Jan 2001-Jan 2002 Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno.2003- Awarded Lectureship at SG after end of Fellowship.July 2013. Professor of Vascular Pharmacology at St George’s.Jan 2013. Elected as Vice-president for Policy and Public Engagement at the British Pharmacological Society. July 2016. Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences University of Copenhagen.