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Dr Christine (Chris) Williams

Dr Christine (Chris) Williams is a GPCR pharmacologist by training, having studied the G-protein coupling of the D2 and D3 Dopamine receptors during her PhD studies at UKC. She subsequently pursued a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry working at Pfizer, UCB and Ipsen where she led teams focused on the development of pharmacologically robust assays for the early identification of potential drug candidates. Chris has over 20 years of project / portfolio management and transformational change leadership experience, gained in the pharmaceutical industry and NHS, combined with formal certification as an MBTI® practitioner. Her passion for people is at the core of her own business (Questae Coaching & Consulting Ltd), where she brings her emotional intelligence, energy and technical expertise to engage minds and inspire change in individuals, teams and organisations. Having held senior positions (e.g. R&D Chief of Staff) in complex, global and matrix organisations, Chris has an authentic leadership style and a diversity of experience that makes her a valuable partner as Honorary Treasurer, Chair of the BPS Assessment Ltd and as Trustee for the BPS. In addition, she is a member of the Board for ELRIG UK and through her love of the outdoors, she also volunteers regularly for the 26th High Wycombe, Penn & Tylers Green Scouts.