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Supporting other scientists

The British Pharmacological Society supports other scientists by fostering excellence in scientific discovery, providing opportunities for other disciplines to present and publish their research, and supporting the development of new skills transferable across science.

The Society makes the following openly available to all scientists at no charge:

  • The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY, which provides concise overviews of the key properties of over 2,000 human drug targets with their pharmacology
  • Regular updates on developments in pharmacology through e-newsletters
  • Opportunities to contribute to consultations and science policy
  • And, resources to promote and encourage education and training at all career levels

In addition, the Society is committed to:

  • Welcoming individuals from related disciplines as affiliate members of the Society’s community
  • Promoting and encouraging translational research
  • Hosting scientists from all backgrounds and disciplines at our scientific meetings and workshops, many of which are CPD-accredited
  • Supporting scientists who work within drug research to develop their expertise in pharmacology via our programme of educational workshops
  • And, providing platforms for sharing research via our three peer-reviewed journals