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The British Pharmacological Society works as an active member of the wider scientific community to ensure the highest welfare standards for animals used in scientific research.

The Society is a member of the UK Bioscience Coalition, and of the Animal Sciences Group, which is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Royal Society of Biology. These groups represent the broad spectrum of UK bodies actively involved in supporting, formulating policy for, or directly involved in research involving animals.

We work with the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of animals in research (NC3Rs). NC3Rs is an independent scientific organisation established by the UK government and it is the largest funder of 3Rs research in the UK.

Finally, the Society is a key partner of Understanding Animal Research, the organisation that has led on the development of The Concordat. Our partnership is in line with our aims of achieving understanding and acceptance of the need for humane animal research in the UK, by maintaining and building informed public support and encouraging a favourable policy climate for animal research.

Find out more about the use of animals in scientific research below: