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Abstracts Pharmacology 2014


Pharmacology 2014

BMJ editorial

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Thumbnail of Enzymes as Drug Targets workshop
Thumbnail of President’s Lecture: New Medicines: A vital, but risky, business
Thumbnail of Pharmacology 2014
  • 16 December 2014 - 18 December 2014
  • Pharmacology 2014
  • Abstract submission deadline has been extended until 29 September 2014. Pharmacology 2014 (formerly the BPS Winter Meeting) takes place in London.

Thumbnail of Focused meeting: Exploiting the new pharmacology and application to drug discovery


British Journal of Pharmacology

Editor-in-Chief: JC McGrath

2013 impact factor: 4.990

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Editor-in-Chief: JM Ritter

2013 impact factor: 3.688

Pharmacology Research & Perspectives

Editor-in-Chief: MJ Curtis

Launched in 2013

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Enzymes as Drug Targets workshop

5 November 2014

Location: London

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