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Member comments on FT article High hopes for ‘first cannabis pharmacy

19 May 2015

Dr Ben Whalley, professor of neuropharmacology at the University of Reading contributes to Financial Times article (subscription required) ‘High hopes for ‘first cannabis pharmacy’. Dr Whalley cast doubt on the pharmacy’s (Carun) claims about the health effects of its products, saying they had not been proved in “valid human clinical trials”.

Royal title - Congratulations to the Society of Biology

18 May 2015

It was with great pleasure that we saw the Society of Biology’s news regarding its new royal title. The British Pharmacological Society congratulates the Society of Biology and Dr Mark Downs for this well-deserved recognition.

Antimicrobial resistance: environments, evolution and transmission workshops

28 April 2015

A series of networking workshops for researchers

London (25 June), Dundee (3 July), Nottingham (7 July)

The Learned Society Partnership on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is holding three interdisciplinary networking workshops to bring together researchers, from all career stages, who have an interest in fundamental or translational research relating to the evolution and transmission of AMR.

BJCP editorial highlights TAB08's potentially triumphant return

25 March 2015

An editorial in April's edition of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology describing how the drug TAB08 is being tested for use in treating rheumatoid arthritis has been covered by Reuters. The drug received extensive news coverage in 2006 when it caused dramatic side-effects in a clinical trial nine years ago at Northwick Park.

Since then, Profess David Webb, President Elect of the British Pharmacological Society, has explained the value of volunteers in clinical trials and the impact of improved safety measures in the UK since the 2006 Northwick Park clinical trial.

BJCP research used in Australian report on homeopathy

13 March 2015

Studies published in BJCP have been used in a report, published by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, that concludes, there is no good quality evidence to support the claim that homeopathy is effective in treating any health conditions. The three BJCP studies referenced by the Australian report were:

New analysis of spider venom reveals seven promising compounds with the potential to relieve chronic pain

04 March 2015

New research shows that seven compounds of the countless found in spider venom block a key step in the body’s ability to pass pain signals to the brain. The hunt for a medicine based on just one of these compounds, which would open up a new class of potent painkillers, is now a step closer according to new research published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

BJP press release coverage: Spider venom reveals potential to relieve chronic pain

04 March 2015

The BJP press release, New analysis of spider venom reveals seven promising compounds with the potential to relieve chronic pain has been covered by:


Daily Mail

Yahoo news

BPS Fellow comments on review of long-term paracetamol use and cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal health

03 March 2015

BPS Fellow Professor Nick Bateman, Honorary Professor of Clinical Toxicology, University of Edinburgh, commented on a study recently published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD). The study, picked up by the Daily Mail looked at long-term paracetamol use & health effects. 

Recruiting for new Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Pharmacology

24 February 2015

The British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) is a broad-based journal giving leading international coverage of all aspects of experimental pharmacology. It publishes high quality original research and authoritative reviews and is published fortnightly.

The British Pharamcological Society is seeking to appoint a new Editor-in-Chief to succeed Professor Ian McGrath who will complete a full term at the end of 2015. 

Leading article in The Lancet: National prescribing assessment needed to enhance patient safety

13 February 2015

2015 Prescribing Safety Assessment rolls out in all UK medical schools this month

13 February 2015, London UK: The British Pharmacological Society and MSC Assessment welcome today’s leading article in The Lancet, which concludes that: “A national prescribing assessment that all students have to pass will serve to raise and unify prescribing standards, promote improved training experiences, and enhance patient safety… [This] will serve to ensure that all new prescribers, whether trained in the UK or overseas, meet a similar basic prescribing standard before they begin working in the NHS.”

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