Educational resources

Education is vital to the BPS. We aim to support the teaching of pharmacology in schools, universities and beyond.

The BPS runs a series of educational workshops which cover a range of pharmacological topics.

The Diploma in Advanced Pharmacology provides an advanced education in pharmacology. It is intended to broaden student’s pharmacological knowledge and also provides opportunities to develop transferable skills such as communication, analytical and report writing.

The BPS & the Physiological Society jointly run three short courses in integrative pharmacology and physiology each year. We are very grateful to the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Wellcome Trust for their considerable financial support which has enabled us to offer these courses.

For schools
A resource booklet containing summaries of presentations from Biology in the Real World symposium at the Association for Science Education (ASE) annual conference can be downloaded.

Download a selection of stories of medicine development around how insulin, penicillin and salbutamol were discovered and developed. These medicines are mentioned in the ‘A’ level & Higher curricula in biology and chemistry.

Discover the stories of Medicines: Past, Present and Future including painkillers, antibiotics and thalidomide.

The Practical Biology website is a novel source of experimental material and suggestions for biology practical classes for pupils at all levels.

If you are seeking a professional to give a talk on such topics as 'The Science of Pharmacology', 'Careers in Pharmacology' or others that relate to medicines in the GCSE/A-Level/Highers curriculum please contact the BPS Education Manager.

For universities
The BPS offers a selection of resources for university lecturers and students including:

PowerPoint slides used for teaching pharmacology.

Case Study and Problem Based Learning Material to download.

The Compendium of Innovation and Good Practice in Teaching Pharmacology outlines teaching methods and techniques which have been used successfully in teaching pharmacology.

The Core Curricula in Pharmacology provide a guide to the minimum pharmacological knowledge and skills a student should possess.

Our Prescribe e-learning materials will help medical students (and students of other healthcare professions) to develop a firm grounding in the principles of basic and clinical pharmacology which underpin safe and effective prescribing in the NHS.

PharmaCALogy comprises a range of over 50 software and Teachers' Workbooks titles produced by pharmacologists and distributed by the BPS.

While medicines have the capacity to enhance health, all have the potential to cause harm. The BPS recommends that healthcare professionals who prescribe medicines should do so using the Ten Principles of Good Prescribing, which underpin the safe and effective use of medicines.

Careers fairs
Each year we work with a group of bioscience societies to organize the Life Science Careers Conference. We also attend a number of careers fairs such as the Naturejob Careers Expo, regional UCAS fairs, the National Careers Guidance Shows to talk to students, teachers and careers advisors about careers in pharmacology.

Science festivals
The BPS host events at science festivals across the country to inspire and enthuse the wider public. We have recently held the Science of Curry (Cheltenham Science Festival 2009 & schools across London); Science of Chocolate (Cheltenham Science Festival 2010) and Cannabinoid Research-is the grass greener? (British Science Festival 2010; Birmingham).

If you’d like to get involved with any of these activities then please email us.

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