Animal research in the news

7 January 2013

Best practice video tutorial launches on aseptic techniques in rodent surgery

A new comprehensive video tutorial to help research workers apply best practice in aseptic surgical techniques in laboratory rodents has been produced by Newcastle University in collaboration with the NC3Rs. Press release

12 July 2012

Animal Research statistics 2011

The Home Office animal research statistics for 2011 present information about animal research in the UK such as the number of ‘procedures’ performed, what they were for, and who was doing them. Understanding Animal Research has analysed the information and released a statistics briefing.

22 July 2011

Publication of the Academy of Medical Sciences Report on Animals containing human material
The Academy of Medical Sciences published a report examining the use of ‘Animals containing human material’ (ACHM) in scientific research in July 2011. The report was prepared by a working group, chaired by Professor Martin Bobrow CBE FRS FMedSci.

The study was supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre, the Department of Health, Medical Research Council, and Wellcome Trust. A report synopsis has been prepared by Dr Geoff Watts FMedSci.

13 June 2011

Transposition of European directive 2010/63/EU - protection of animals used for scientific purposes

UK scientists have welcomed development of a new European Directive (2010/63/EU), which took over eight years to complete. The final text was published in October 2010, and it will be formally adopted by all member states by January 2013.

A Home Office consultation with stakeholders on how to 'transpose' the Directive into UK law was launched today. It provides an opportunity for expert professional advice on which parts of the current UK legislation on animal experimentation should be retained and which should be changed. 

28 February 2011

Animal research: Anatomy of a conflict

Emotions run high as Nature explores the effects of anti-animal-research activism on the scientific community. Roughly one-quarter of respondents to a new poll say that they or someone they know has been affected by animal-rights activism in some way. 

19 January 2011

Animal procedures guidance on roles and responsibilities published

The Animal Procedures Reports on Guidance on the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the delivery and accreditation of training under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and the report on Module 5 and the training of project licence holders - have now been published on the Animal Procedures Committee page on the Home Office web site.

17 January 2011

BUAV article 'Animal testing: why we should cease and desist'

Professor Brian Furman, Chair of our Animal Welfare and Integrative Pharmacology committee, comments on Michelle Thew's article.  All comments can be found at the end of the article.

21 December 2010

Early renewal of Project Licences recommended

New legislation resulting from the EU Directive 86/609 (now formally referred to as (8869/10) for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes will be transposed into UK Law on 1 January 2013, replacing the Animals (Scientific Procedures ) Act 1986.

Any licences obtained before then will run for the full five years under the present legislation. Therefore, we strongly advise any BPS members whose project licences will expire in 2013 to renew them earlier.

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