Bursaries grants & expenses

Attendance at scientific meetings supports the Society's mission to promote and advance pharmacology, and the education and professional development of members.

The Society has established a bursary and travel grant fund (The Bain Memorial Bursary Fund) to contribute towards the cost of members attending symposia, conferences and meetings deemed by the Society to be of interest to pharmacologists. Bursaries are also available to cover caring costs associated with attending Society meetings and events. So far, all eligible members who have applied have received a contribution towards their costs.

Apply for a bursary
The availability of bursaries and travel grants for Society meetings will be advertised in the promotional material for that meeting. A list of currently eligible meetings is provided in the Members' Area.

Members wishing to apply for bursaries to attend non-Society meetings should complete the Application Form and email it to Paul Tizard  together with a copy of the submitted abstract. Please note that applicants are generally expected to have been a member of the Society for at least one year. The Vice-President Meetings (or Vice-President Clinical, as appropriate) will confirm whether or not the meeting qualifies for bursary or travel grant support.

Bursary and travel grant funds are provided having regard to the Society’s financial position. Preference will be given to applications for attendance at Society meetings from students and to those who have not previously received a Society bursary or travel grant within the same calendar year.

Deadlines for applications for non-Society meetings are:
31 January
30 April
31 July
31 October

Please note that we cannot accept retrospective applications. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application within two weeks of the deadline.


Typically, bursaries and travel grants are available subject to the following guidelines:

  Applications in the prescribed format will normally only be considered if received not more than 26 nor less than 6 weeks before the advertised start of the meeting to which the application relates

 The maximum amount for individual bursaries and travel grants will usually be restricted to up to 75% of the aggregate cost of registration, accommodation and travel for students and 50% for non-students. The maximum award per meeting as well as per year is £750 - this may be split over more than one meeting. Food and beverage costs and travel incidentals will not be reimbursed. Costs will be based on the Society’s assessment of the most economical mode of travel and a reasonable standard of accommodation

 Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application and, if successful, of the upper limit of the award as soon as possible after the deadlines above.

 Bursaries will only be provided if the applicant is speaking, presenting a paper or participating in a workshop or similar

 Bursaries and travel grants can only be paid after a meeting and against a claim in the prescribed format, supported by original receipts. Claims must be presented within 4 weeks of the advertised closing date of the meeting to which they relate. Late claims will not be considered

 Claimants will be required to certify whether any additional funding has been requested/obtained and the amount. The amount of any additional funding may be deducted from the amount payable by the Society

 The amount payable in respect of any claim will be the upper limit of the award or the total of actual receipted costs, whichever is the lower


  Bursary Applications - Process

 All applications must be submitted in the prescribed format. The Society reserves the right to require applications from Student Members to also be supported by a Society Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow. Should this be the case, the applicant will be contacted

 Applications must be completed within the prescribed time frame (i.e. not more than 26 nor less than 6 weeks before the meeting starts)

 All applications will be considered in the round after the closing date. 

 Emails notifying a successful application should be retained for submission with the Claims form


  Bursary Payments

 Claims will not be paid until after the meeting has closed unless the Society has advised that claims can be paid during the meeting to which they relate. Claims must be submitted on the prescribed form supported by original receipts only and a copy of the email confirming the award. All claims must be received at the Society’s Office within 4 weeks of closure of the meeting to which they relate. Receipts will not be returned by the Society and claimants should therefore ensure they keep copies if required. Late claims will not be entertained under any circumstances

 Payments will only be made direct to bank accounts in the name of the bursary applicant, unless the Society has stated otherwise in its email notification confirming the award

 Bursary Claim Form


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