Independent meetings

28—1 April 2015
Experimental Biology 2015

Boston, USA
Event details

12—15 April 2015
British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience 2015

Edinburgh, UK
Event details

14—15 April 2015
Cancer & the Kidney International Network (C-KIN)

Brussels, Belgium
Event details

19—22 April 2015
BTS Annual Congress 2015

Solihull, UK
Event details

11-12 May 2015
Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety and Risk Management
London, UK
Event details

22 April 2015
Electronic Prescribing In Hospitals: Moving Forward

London, UK
Event details

18—19 May 2015
ADC Summit 2015

London, UK
Event details

21—22 May 2015
European Competitiveness in Early Clinical Drug Development: threats and opportunities

Brussels, Belgium
Event details

22 May 2015
Machine learning - Breakthrough science and technologies: Transforming our future conference series

The Royal Society, London
Event details

8—9 June 2015
16th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2015;

Berlin, Germany
Event details

22—26 June 2015
Harms in Healthcare

Oxford, UK
Event details

23—25 June 2015
The 2015 Alzheimer's Disease Congress 

Cineworld: The O2 , Peninsula Square, London , SE10 0DX, United Kingdom
Event details
Phone: (+44) 07507 799380

27—30 June 2015
12th Congress of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT 2015)

Madrid, Spain
Event details

6—8 July 2015
Physiology 2015

Cardiff, UK
Event details

14 July 2015
ON Helix

Organized by One Nucleus Cambridge, UK
Event details

2-5 September 2015
14th International Conference on Endothelin: Pathophysiology and Therapeutics

Savannah, USA
Event details

14—17 September 2015
Endothelium-Dependent Hyperpolarizations in Health and Disease

Fyn, Denmark
Event details

16-18 September 2015
21st Scientific Symposium of the Austrian Pharmacological Society. Joint meeting with the British Pharmacological Society and the Pharmacological Societies of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

Graz, Austria
Event details

17-19 September 2015
XIX International Congress of the Polish Pharmacological Society 50th Anniversary of the Polish Pharmacological Society

Swinoujscie, Poland
Event details

26—29 September 2015
The congress of the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience (ISAN) in conjunction with the Federation of European Autonomic Societies (EFAS), American Autonomic Society (AAS) and the Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research (JSNR)

Stresa, Italy
Event details

7—9 October 2015
Third Conference of the European Society for Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Therapy "Integration of Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Decision Support

Budapest, Hungary
Event details

15—16 October 2015
25th Neuropharmacology Conference 2015

Chicago, USA
Event details

3-5 November 2015
Antibiotic resistance and antibiotic alternatives: Looking towards the future

London, UK
Event details

17-19 November 2015
The 2015 Innate Immunity Summit

London, UK
Event details

10 December 2015
Genesis 2015

London, UK
Event details

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