University resources 

The BPS offers a selection of resources for university lecturers and students:

 Our journals - informative review articles, which are often accompanied by free to download PowerPoint slides.
 Powerpoint slides and presentations - Download free teaching aids 
 Case study and problem based learning material -
 Compendium of innovation and good practice in teaching pharmacology
 Core curricula in pharmacology
 Prescribe e-learning initiative
    Materials for medical and other healthcare students covering the principles of basic and clinical pharmacology.
    A range of over 50 software and Teachers' Workbooks titles produced by pharmacologists and distributed by the BPS.
 The use of animals in research-animal welfare, ethics and the 3Rs
    A compilation of teaching materials, and links around the area of animal welfare, ethics and the 3Rs.
 Science Engineering and Technology (SET) Student of the Year Awards

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